Iridology Benifits


The list of Iridology benifits

There are many benefits to using this natural science of iridology below are a just a few of the key benefits .

Reveal Nutritional and chemical needs

Which elements are missing and where?

Reveal the location of environmentally obtained toxins

Exposure to environmental toxins can cause transient or irriversible damages including cancer, birth defects, organ damage and blood disorders.

Reveal the quality of nerve force and determine the condition of the nervous system

Nerve force or neutral drive determines our muscle effectiveness and metabolism

Reveal over-acidic levels in the body

Excess acid in the body can lead to the leaching of calcium from the bones, amongst other ailments

100% safe and unintrusive

Non surgical , safe and quick

Reveal the whole body as a unified structure, and its overall health

Allows for an holistic approach to wellness

Iridology never lies….

“Your health can be seen in your eyes”>

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