The 5MP EyeRonec Pebble PRO!

$795.00 $695.00



The 5MP EyeRonec Pebble PRO!

$795.00 $695.00

The images taken by the Pebble PRO iris camera are even closer to the image quality of high end microscopes (for a fraction of the price). Not only does the Pebble PRO’s new 5MP sensor take excellent quality photos (you can now display your iris photos clearly on a full screen monitor). The Pebble pro is still very easy to use!

Plug the Pebble PRO into your Windows or Mac computer and place our patented eyecup (that blocks out all false light) on your patient’s eye. You’ll watch the eye, LIVE on your screen while you focus with the new streamlined focus wheel. Then you adjust the LED brightness and take the photo with the new capture button on the Pebble PRO’s cord (this assists you with reducing camera shake). Once you have practised, you can take iris photos quickly and instantly view the photos on the computer screen. During your consultation you can refer to the live image on the screen and show your patient their eyes.

Like the Pebble 8+2, the Pebble Pro has a total of 10 daylight colour LED’s. There is a setting for 8 LED’s for blue eyes as well as a 2 side-lighting LED lights to take photos of Brown Eyes!

All software and drivers are included to use your Pebble PRO as well as EyeRis iridology report writing software (RRP $98). We also include a lifetime warranty on the Pebble PRO.

We understand that seeing is believing – we are in the process of uploading new photos taken by the Pebble PRO. Check out the existing photos we have taken with the Pebble PRO, prepare to be amazed!