Pebble-9 our TRUE 9 MP sensor iridology camera

*The Pebble iridology cameras are our latest portable USB Iridology Cameras. We named them “Pebble” to distinguish them from the old iridology cameras that feel close to a house brick’s weight. Some people still sell these cameras.
We have added 2 DAYLIGHT side lighting LED’s which will assist in capturing images of true brown irises. Most images will be OK with the 8 Daylight LEDs that will show 8 dots in the pupil area so not covering any part of the iris.
The cameras plugs into the USB slot of a computer or Laptop and will run on both Windows and Mac computers. The Pebble cameras are the perfect camera for iridology students and experienced practitioners alike. Our camera designers have now been able to put a 9 MP sensor chip into the Pebble-9. As you may have read computers can only handle around 5 MP on a live computer screen but by using a smart trick we now can make 9 MP still pictures and have a live image on the screen for easy composing and focusing. Read more….

The Eyespy Pebble-9 is very easy to use it has 8 daylight and 2 side light LEDs, which may be controlled from the back of the iris camera. The camera has an extra-large soft touch focus wheel, which makes taking perfect pictures very easy. No external power is required; the computer provides the power via the USB cable. By using a lower resolution moving image (LIVE IMAGE) the computer can show the eye on the computer screen without much lag (Older computers may show a slight delay between the image on the screen and the real time image ) The still image photograph will be taken in full 9MP mode or any other resolution you select from the menu. Just hold the camera still for a second or two after clicking the snapshot button on the camera to ensure a great picture. Some suppliers, often on EBay, will advertise cameras with 5 or more MP. The extra pixels were derived with a mathematical formula, basically spreading out the pixels and calculating what’s supposed to be in-between. I don’t know about you, but that sounds to me like a cheat to boost the pixel count… This is referred to as interpolation and the resulting image will not be clear. For iridology we need to see the true image not something that is contrived by some computer program.
The EyeRonec EyeSpy Pebble-9 is a TRUE 9 MP iridology camera, it sells for just $895 AUD and is supplied with a nice dark chrome display stand. and for a limited time we include a free download of “EyeRis”, our iridology report writing software, with iris chart overlay in black, white and invisible. The Pebble cameras are supplied with a free soft material bag to protect your investment. Before you waste your money on cheap Chinese stuff often with weird instructions, software with viruses, suspect specifications, no backup and disappointing results, look at our products, made right here with proper ENGLISH instructions, good support and LIFETIME guarantee on all our cameras.