New computer? Upgraded your operating system?

We are getting many inquiries about lost discs and cameras not working on newly purchased  and upgraded computers.

We have some solutions for you if you have a new computer or upgraded your operating system

recently and your camera does not work anymore, or maybe you have lost your install disc.

As you understand we can NOT predict what o/s will do what in the future so cameras

are manufactured to work on the o/s that is current at the time.

Sometimes this means that the software or the Pebble cameras will not work on this new operating system.

We have now upgraded software for the Pebble-8+2 (Version 2.5) so it will run on WIN 10.

If you have problems with the latest MAC please use PHOTOBOOTH.

There were 2 types of Pebble-8+2 software in use V2.2 and V3.0.0 the V2.2 will not work on Win 10 but the V3/0.0 will be OK. As mentioned above V2.0 is now replaced with Ver 2.5.making the Pebble-8+2 work OK on WIN 10.

The Pebble-PRO is OK for Win 10-8-7-Vista-XP.

There are a number of programs available for free on the internet.

One alternative program that supports WIN 7-8 and 10 and Mac and Linux  is the PROSCOPE program


Mac users  can use PHOTOBOOTH that should be included in the MAC software or can download Proscope MAC.

As published in the instruction booklet MAC software (and other software) does not support the button on the 8+2 camera and on the cord of the PRO (Use the mouse, many people prefer that as it reduces camera shake)here are the links to software downloads: (please note that OUR download menu on is NOT visible until you log in with your email and password) EyeRis, our report writing software will  work on WIN 10 but not on MACs (some have used PARRALEL successfully on the MAC and I have read that one can make WIN 10 run some old WIN 7-8 programs Google it or check ) etc.

So You can download the latest Microcapture Version 2.5  for Pebble-8+2 at:

If you have a later Pebble-8+2 you may need Microcapture Pro:  For later Pebble-8+2 cameras and Pebble-PRO


So if all else fails try this software for your camera: